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About NGC

Narvadeshwar Group established an identity of its own as a primer institution providing general technical and management education. Today we serve as locus for quality training, development and research

By Intensive and meaningful teaching methods as well as regular inputs from the participating technocrats, managers and eminent personalties. The institute grooms its students to excel managers and grows them as a perfect professional. With the vision of creating and propagating innovative technologies to optimize the utilization of resources for sustainable development and to provide quality education in the region, we hope to make knowledge easily accessible to those seeking it.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to be a successful and professional institution imparting accessible and affordable world class education and to train the aspirants in developing them as professionals, using our advanced technology resource and highly experienced faculty.

Our Vision

We dream to groom aspirants in view of rapid advancement in teaching methods and changes in technology. We aspire to aid our students in matching the prevailing tough market scenario and make them capable to beat the cut throat competition.

Life at our Campus

Why to Choose us?

The Institute aims at providing its students with a global perspective in the ever-changing world of technology by creating a dynamic environment where they can learn and access al the latest knowledge and information. This would create a learning culture that would help students grow and become professional leaders in India and abroad.

The success rate of students is very

Free computer learning center and hostel facility

English speaking, computer class and other courses also available

Free 24X7 open library and practical training facilities

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